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C_BOBIP_42 Success Story and How to Crack Exam on SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.x

How I scored 90% in SAP BOBI Certification (C_BOBIP_42) ●      Code of the Certification: C_BOBIP_42 ●      Name of the Certification: BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Successfully, I scored 90% in BOBI   Exam (C_BOBIP_42). I tried all my hands on provided study materials, and I would say it was not an easy task to perform. The preparation for SAP certification is quite stressful. I kept my focus on understanding the exam process in depth and tried all my hands-on practice questions to make myself at ease with the Architecture and Administration, Monitoring and Auditing, Installation and Backup, etc. The SAP BOBI certification questions should not be that difficult to reply, however, keep in mind that it's essential to study subjects in depth for having a clear image of the topics. So, that there should be a proper understanding of the questions asks and the correct answers. I've spent three months on getting ready for this examination which included two

How to Prepare for SAP C_CP_11 Exam on Cloud

All that you need to know about  SAP   C_CP_11 Certification SAP launched Cloud Platform primarily based on Cloud expertise with which customers can analyze and process giant business results in flip of seconds. This post is about the certifications which can be obtained with on SAP Cloud Platform.  SAP certification builds on the fundamental knowledge gained through related  SAP   Cloud Platform   coaching and ideally refined by practical experience within an SAP Cloud project team, whereby the consultant applies the acquired knowledge practically in projects. SAP has made available only one Associate Consultant certification with code:  C_CP_11   This exam primarily verifies that the candidate possesses the knowledge in the area of the SAP Cloud Platform for the profile of an SAP Cloud Platform consultant. Make sure you are able to gain complete understanding and firm knowledge on SAP Cloud Platform certification syllabus. That includes topic like Cloud Platform Extend